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5 Ways to Improve Development Team Productivity

5 Ways to Improve Development Team Productivity

Today, I am going to share 5 different ways you can improve development team productivity. The goal of this post is to give you ideas that you can use at your company.

Let’s get started.

1. Automated Developer Onboarding

When a new developer joins your team, they should be able to onboard themselves. The longer it takes to onboard developers, the less productive your team will be in the future.

If you automate onboarding, your new developers will hit the ground running. If it takes more than a day for developers to complete this process, then you should be addressing this bottleneck. Automating this process is an easy way to improve the productivity of new hires.

2. Automated Testing

A lot of development teams avoid writing tests because they either don’t enjoy it or have a deadline they need to meet.

One benefit of having a test suite is that it will save your team time when developing new features. It will also allow them to catch bugs before they get deployed into production.

Running your test suite every time a developer makes changes will create a feedback loop. This will allow them to get quick feedback so they can iterate quicker.

Automated testing reduces the total cost of ownership for your application.

3. Automated Deployments

A development team that has to release changes manually is more likely to introduce human error when deploying a new version of their application.

Automating your deployments allows your development team to release changes into production every day.

Manual deployments are a bottleneck and it should be one of the first problems you address.

Automated deployments allow your team to instantly rollback broken application versions and also allow them to quickly release bug fixes.

4. Streamlined Environments

You will often hear developers say, ‘my change worked in development’ when a feature they made breaks in staging or production.

One way to end this problem is to streamline all application environments. This means that the developer’s local environment will be identical to the staging and production environments. This will remove issues that arise between environment inconsistencies.

5. Monitoring and Logging

Although monitoring and logging can become quite complex, a simple implementation can improve your application’s Mean time to recovery (MTTR).

Using monitoring and logging will enable developers to find bugs in production much quicker than before. This will lower application downtime because developers will be able to track and fix issues much quicker.


In conclusion, we covered 5 different ways you can improve development team productivity. Whether you’re a manager or developer, we hope you’re able to take something away from this list.

Improving development team productivity will allow your developers to deliver more features while working the same amount of time. This will reduce stress related to inefficient operations and will allow your developers to deliver features faster to your customers.

When you focus on solving operational inefficiencies, developers are able to deliver features to customers quickly and efficiently.

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